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[NEWS]"Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of Me" expected date of release + album tracklist revealed

On February 14th, 2013, it was revealed that SHINee's third full album would be released in two chapters. The first chapter, titled "Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You", was released on February 19th to positive responses from fans, fellow singers, and critics alike.

The flowery suits that were showcased during their music show performances have started a trend in the K-pop scene, with their idol boyband juniors INFINITE and BTOB making use of similar styles for their own newly released singles. The promotions for the first chapter came to a close at the end of March, leaving fans excited for more that is to come.

As shared in our translated summary of SHINee's MelOn Music Spoiler, Chapter 2 is about "the misconception of me (SHINee)", "the dreams I slowly wanted for myself", and "the misconception of ideals". It evokes the gap between SHINee's reality and dreams and has an overall deep and dark sound, completely opposite of Chapter 1.

Tweets from SM Entertainment's staff have revealed that the new music video is currently in production. The music video will show the misconceptions the members have towards their dreams and reality. From dark atmospheric songs that seem like a nightmare, to lonesome songs that discover the unreal 'me', the new tracks on in Chapter 2 will reveal a new image of SHINee that has never been seen before.

Korean fans have now started a countdown timer on Instiz, building up the anticipation and hype as they count down to the expected release date of Chapter 2 on April 30th at 23:59 (KST).

"Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of Me"

Excuse Me Miss


Like a Fire

Why So Serious?

떠나지 못해 Can't Leave

Music Box


It's You

As news sites and SM Entertainment have yet to confirm the official release date, please keep watching this space on SFI for more updates as we bring you the latest news of SHINee!

Source: MelOn
Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net

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