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[FANACCOUNT]130523 SHINee - Why So Serious? Goodbye Stage Recording @MCountdown

Really touched by the 5 members stage. When the 4 members came out before recording started, the fans were very happy but yet to see Jonghyun, the fans started chanting, "Kim Jonghyun.. Kim Jonghyun......" I was very touched at that moment.

After watching today's WSS, have to say it really have to a 5 members group...Kim Jonghyun really suits WSS too well How can this song be promoted by 4ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Kim Jonghyun is too handsome. It couldn't be better when all chanted 1 person's name and in the end he only replied, 고마워요~ (Thank you). That bad boy's attitude is really overwhelming. ㅠㅠ
Onew asked us after the recording: (Jonghyun) did better than expected~ We replied yes.
Key retorted: Yah, what do you mean by better than expected... Kim Jonghyun also pushed Onew: That's right, what were you expecting ah. How did you think of me in the past.

Minho asked the fans don't they know WSS choregraphy very well, he wants the fans to watch Jonghyun to see if he made any mistake. 
1. Very loud screams when Jonghyun came out.
2. WSS 5 members stage, Jonghyun the little zombie was scared by Key zombie.
3. Jonghyun really brought out the feel, totally a little ruffian zombie.
4. After the first recording was completed, Minho was the first to remove his jacket, Jonghyun was the second. Then they sat from inside to outside on the stage, sitting order is Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin. Cody immediately fanned Jonghyun when he sat down. 
5. Taemin was happily cooling himself down by placing iced water (bottle?) on his neck. Minho happened to look towards my direction when the cody was wiping his sweat, he had a blank look on his face. He must be tired.
6. Codys are all fanning the boys except Onew whom was furthest inside. He was lying down on the stage fanning himself.
Onew says that promoting as 4 members is tiring so a new member is welcomed today xD 
A J shawol said that Jonghyun's voice is amazing while hearing them rehearse WSS 
They recorded twice today. everytime Jonghyun appears, the screams got louder.
After the first recording, Minho was the first to take off his jacket, followed by Jonghyun.
The moment Jonghyun sat on the stage, the coordi noona immediately fanned him.
Jonghyun is really handsome. Everyone shouted his name and he said "Gomawo"
The coordi noonas were all helping to fan the boys but only Onew fanned himself while lying down on the stage
The 5 members stage was very touching. Before recording, only 4 members came out and everyone shouted "Kim Jonghyun.... Kim Jonghyun"
Jonghyun thanked the fans and "complained": "Ah~ it is tiring"
Taemin says that whoever isn't attending the 5th anniversary party will regret it
Onew then said that because Jonghyun is too tired, all his hair became white. 
Seems like Jonghyun hasn't completely recover yet. He looked really tired after 1st recording and seems smaller.
Sleepless Night was recorded twice because Jonghyun stole" Minho's part

[Sleepless Night Recording] (Outfit)

Onew: All black, Jonghyun: Half black half white, Taemin: White, Key had a black cap
PD said "Ready" but Jonghyun was still waving to fans. Taemin ran over and hid behind Jonghyun.
At ending, when saying goodbye, Jonghyun was jumping and turning around in circles.
Jonghyun's high note part was amazing. Really good hearing it live. Minho's low voice was also very nice

Minho asked fans: Raise your hands if coming for the fanmeeting. Everyone raised their hands. Minho asked again: Raise your hands if not coming for the fanmeeting. Onew raised his hand and smiled gleefully: Me! Taemin told the fans: Those who are not coming...will regret it! That last sentence "will regret it" seems to have some hidden agenda. 

Minho was on stage talking about introduction of a new member, Onew said: It was too tough for the 4 of us. Minho: That person really wanted to be in the group. In the end, Jonghyun seems to be having problems with the microphone or outfit and was dawdling off-stage, Minho shouted: Come here quickly! Fans all shouted: Kim Jonghyun! Kim Jonghyun! Minho: Everyone you can't do this.

[WSS 2nd recording] Jonghyun said his thanks first when he got on stage, then with a very tired look on his face: very tough. Minho: Now you know how tough it was for us? Onew: Danced better than expected~ which drew laughters from Key and Taemin: Better than expected? Dissatisfied Jonghyun replied: So you expected me to dance very badly.

Credit : 我相公是温梦郎,無條件溺愛李珍基,金幼犬的小尾巴,
bluffjjong, 热可可0v0,守护金蹦米是使命, woorishinee
Translated by : eimanjjong,squishyjinki
Compilation by : flamzya

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