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[TRANS]SHINee (OnKey2Min) - SBS Jang Ki Ha's Amazing Radio

Moonkyu, 2min? | Talking about Taemin going out to play with his friends, DJ requested him to say a few words to his friends. Taemin chose to leave a message for Moonkyu telling him to practice well. DJ kept prompting him to say "I love you".. but Taemin said that he himself isn't a type of person who will say such things but in the end he chose to say it awkwardly,"I love you Moonkyu". Minho then said to Taemin "You really have the ability to turn everything into such an awkward situation..."

Talking about wgm, Taemin says he did not expect it will be so awkward when he watched it.. DJ asked him to leave a video message. Hyung teased and said it will be for Naeun of course.. Taemin laughed and did not say anything.. Onew probably saw his awkwardness, so he grabbed and shook his wrist. DJ then said not to pressurise (him) further, so just leave a message for SHINee World noonas~

DJ congratulated SHINee for attaining the #1 spot on US Billboard charts. She commented that SHINee is "Psy" at the Idol-level. Key "Regarding this...if this came out from our mouth/ if we were the ones who said it, it will be a little.... (inappropriate/arrogant)" DJ "That is why I am using mouth to say it..."

Minho says Key really likes to drink alocoholic drinks. As for himself, he like to appear for drink gatherings (with friends); Key just likes alcohol. Key commented that he likes all types of beer/wine/alcohols and is not picky; fans also frequently buys him beer/wine/alcohols. DJ thinks that SHINee drinks "XX" (a Korean Soju). Onew says they drink the freshest ones...

Talking about late night snacks, SHINee says that they have good appetite these days. Onew picked fried chicken; Taemin picked meat, beef, korean beef, Key commented "Expensive food taste good of course"; Minho picked Rice Cakes and Soondae; Key picked sashimi. With regards to Snapper (a type of fish), Onew thinks that it smells like the lavatory; Key "I don't eat that...".

Taemin left a voice message to fans regarding the general reaction to WGM "I really feel quite sorry for our fans. So please just treat it as if I am filming something; Just watch it for leisure. Onew says to to treat it as a sitcom~ Taemin agrees, it is like a sitcom.

Minho says that he likes Where You At by Supreme Team (Where You At) and even bought the CD.

Favorite songs of chapter 2 album-
Key: Nightmare and Evil.
Taemin: Nightmare.
Minho: Excuse Me Miss.
Onew: Excuse Me Miss and Orgel

While in the car, they will all put on their earphones and listen to their own preferred songs because they have totally different music tastes... or else they would share good songs, listen together.

The member who sits in front gets to be 'DJ' (the one who can play the songs he wants)
They each picked a song to introduce... 
Onew chose Kim Yeon Woo's 내가 없어도 (even without me). Because he likes/liked KYW alot so he listens to his songs a lot.. this song is from the last album that he bought before he became a trainee.

The boys think that Jonghyun is listening to the radio right now and will contact them...

Minho picked Supreme team's Where You At. 
Key chose Madonna's Hung Up. 
Taemin chose Bruno Mars' 'Young Girls'.

Key's fave in album is Nightmare then next is Evil. 
He said his fave songs in various albums tend to come from the same composer as Nightmare.

Minho chose Excuse Me Miss. he likes R&B
At first he felt that it would be weird to express this song in korean after hearing the guide (demo) version
Taemin said he's the same as Key, he likes Nightmare too. 
Then Onew chose the same as MInho, Excuse Me Miss.

Minho said they couldnt sleep after listening to Orgel for 8 hours because it's so dreamy.

[Q: What do you wanna do if they have 24 hours for yourself?] 
Key said last time they would think of where to go but now they'd just wanna spend the time free-ly (like chilling?) even just sitting down for a cup of tea.. 
Minho agreed with Key.. he was saying maybe like lazing around just laying in bed. 
Onew would wanna wake up early just to relax around..go for a cup of coffee, go for a meal... 
Taemin would wanna go out and do everything he wanted to do, meet his friends... 

DJ asked him to leave a message for his friends but he said it's too cheesy, will get goosebumps. 
Everyone kept persuading him to do it. then told him to just point out one of the friends to leave a message for. 
He finally gave in and left a message for MoonKyu. At the end of the message he awkwardly said i love you MoonKyu.

They started discussing Taemin on WGM. 
DJ also mentioned how JoJungChi (another WGM participant who happened to
go on the radio show right before SHINee went in) said the same stuff as Taemin.

Then Onew asked Taemin to leave a message for 'her' and Taemin was like "to who?" 
then Key went "Son Naeun-sshi of course!"

Then the DJ (or was it a member i cant remember) said maybe to the noonas also...
so Taemin said he was sorry to shawol noonas... 
he said he just feels sorry... he hopes they just see it as a show and in a POV like 'Our taemin is also filming these kinda things now'.
Taemin says Jonghyun has been saying he is bored, he will be envious of this schedule...

Key said he was worried that radio with JangKiha would be too serious/solemn but seems like their codes match well and it went on just fine... 
Jang Kiha said he was worrying about the same thing.

SHINee's favorite tracks in Chapter 2 - The Misconception Of Me ♥

Onew: Excuse Me Miss, Orgel
Key: Nightmare, Evil
Taemin: Nightmare
Minho: Excuse Me Miss
Minho said Jjong's injury was on April's fool 
and many didnt believe and he's recuperating and doing well.
Then Key butt in and ask why he have so much nonsense to say. 
The main point is Jonghyun was injured and recuperating now that's all.

DJ asked Key if he's a straight to the point and impatient person then? 
Key said yes and he's not like Minho, full of nonsense.

DJ asked if SHINee is on diet bc they're so skinny. 
Taemin: No, I loves meat especially Korean beef. 
Minho: My supper is ddobboki (Korean Rice Cake)
Minho then said he likes to drink beer and chat while Key just keep drinking

DJ congratulated SHINee for being first and billboard chart 
and praised that they're the idol ver of Psy.
Then Key said if they were to say that themselves isn't it very ...... 
the DJ said that's why I'm saying it for you guys!

Onew said Key is handsome. 
DJ: no, I think Onew is more handsome
Onew went AISA!! 
Key: so.. let's move on to Taemin

[Favorite song]
Minho: excuse me miss
Key: nightmare and evil
Taemin: nightmare, it's a handsome song
Onew: excuse me miss.

Taemin's message for fans who are upset about him being on WGM:
"I really feel apologetic to my fans.
Just take it as I'm filming something.
If you find it meaningful then watch it"
Onew then added: "Yup, just take it as Taemin is filming a drama"
and Taemin said : "yes that's right!"

Question: One free day what would you do?
Key: Slack
Minho: sleep and eat
Taemin: because I'm young, I'll meet up with my friends and play
Onew: slack but I'll wake up early to slack. Go cafe or something

They talked about WGM.
DJ asked Taemin to leave a message
then Taemin asked "to who!" 
Onew said "of course it's Naeun! "
Taemin laugh but didnt speak anything

Onew said maybe Taemin is awkward and he hold Taemin's wrist and wave 
(like prompting Taemin to say something)

And so, the DJ say "maybe you can leave a message to SHINee World instead?"

Translation credit : keykrisyeol,jujugal,faithstar,squishyjinki,
Compiled by: Darkick, J.Kimkeysemily @ 

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