Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

[NEWS]G-Dragon compliments SHINee as a group that has caught his eye

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon complimented SHINee during an interview with MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘.

The March 1st broadcast of ‘Section TV’ featured G-Dragon working on the set of filming for the cosmetics company, The Saem. During the interview, G-Dragon was asked, “How do you feel when you see new groups debut?” to which he responded, “I see a lot of hoobaes lately who are young and very good, and all I can do is keep saying ‘ah~’ in awe.” He also alluded to that he’s getting older as he stated, “When we have a Big Bang tour, around the middle of the tour I get really tired. I have to work out.”

When asked which junior group caught his eye the most, G-Dragon stated, “Whenever I see SHINee, I think they’re doing really well.”

The reporter continued, “If you had the opportunity, would you collaborate with them?” G-Dragon playfully replied, “There are barely enough parts for our own members. I think they’d be upset with me,” making the reporter laugh.

Source: allkpop
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