Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

[NEWS]SHINee keeps their promise of doing a human totem pole after Triple Crown win

With their third consecutive win, SHINee kept their promise to the fans.

On March 8, SHINee promised that if the group received a triple crown on Mnet’s M Countdown, the members would upgrade their winning ceremony to a three-level mokma (carrying on the shoulders).

On March 14, SHINee did just that as the members claimed the triple crown trophy.

With Taemin on top, Minho in the center, and Jonghyun cleverly supporting the two members, SHINee managed to create a three-level human totem pole as promised.

SHINee received the triple crown for their song, Dream Girl.

Check out the ceremony below!

Source: enewsWorld

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