Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

[FANACCOUNT]130524 SHINee - Mubank Pre Recording

The boys were hyper today kk
Before the rehearsal, I don't why but Minho was always repeating in a strange voice 'galaxy s4'maybe to provocate Jonghyun because after Jonghyun repeated with the same voice 'LG optimus' something kk those kids kkkkk
Then when Minho was repeating 'galaxy s4', Onew began to repeat his tweet '누구니' ('who?') Ahah Cutie~
They were in position to start, Onew on his knees, and as they had to wait a little Minho & Onew played together like joking around~ Onew (still on his knees) took Minho's hand, they looked like a couple when the guy is proposing ㅠㅠ
Key couldn't stop laughing alone kkkkkk So cute! And Taemin was like staying on the side, smiling at his hyungs jokes xD
Even if it was the rehearsal, Jonghyun was really motivated k
During the first record, the music was stopped suddenly during Taemin's part but he continued to sing his high note without music, it was quiet impressive! 
Sometimes they were making strange sounds in their mics maybe training their voice.
At a moment, Minho's mic made a really weird sound like a whimper (or something stroked Minho's mic so it sounds weird) and he was so surprised ~
When they had to go, he was doing it again on purpose kk
Taemin said 'see you tomorrow at MBC! And asked shawol to come back safely ^^
Minho & Key were the last to leave the stage, waving at all fans ^^* 

Kibum came out and was about to take the fan's present but the manager stopped him.
He looked at the fan twice and smiled. 
Jongkey sat together in the van !!!

Credit: Murasaki @SHINeeFrance,PheeeB_金鐘鉉的宇宙大笨蛋起范
via: bling_saur

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