Senin, 27 Mei 2013

[OFF]130525 Minho - SHINee Official Update

[TRANS]SHINee is five years old..... Thank you... I love you.....

SHINee - 5th Debut Anniversary Message

I’ve always said this, haven’t I? It’ll be better than you think~ ^^
525 52525 finally our 5th anniversary!
The time we spent together has gone by nicely!
Let’s be together.


It’s our 5th anniversary~!
Thank you for loving us!
Let’s go all the way for
10, 20, 30 years~!

Our 5th anniversary is
so soon
Our next anniversary will...
probably be soon too...


We’re already 5 years old....
Lots of memories, lots of happy times....
I’m so thankful and thankful again~
Let’s always be together!! I love you~
SHINee World is the best~ ♥


Everyone, it’s already our 5th anniversary...
There are fans who have watched over us since we debuted to fans who have just begun to make memories with us.. I’m really sorry that the only words I can tell you are thank you very much. I just feel apologetic. I will continue to become a Taemin who won’t embarrass you, so believe in me. If all of you have embraced us until now, we’ll become a SHINee that holds the responsibility of embracing you from now on. I won’t forget the love that you have given us thus far. ♡ you, our SHINee World who is cooler and prettier than anyone else~!!

Translated by: kimchi hana @ 

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