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[TWEET]130525 Jonghyun Twitter Update

@realjonghyun90: 벌써오주년이라니...! 팬미팅재밌었어~~^^ 다들조심히 들어가..

It's already 5th year...! The fanmeeting was fun~~^^ Everyone go back safely..!

@realjonghyun90 엄마의 이메일 비밀번호에 0525가 들어가더라. 문득 피부로 와닿았다 샤이니라는 존재가 우리 다섯 뿐만 아니라 정말 많은 사람들의 추억에 지금에 미래에 같이있다는 걸 우릴 아끼는 분들중에도 우릴상징하는 무언가가 일상에 자연스래 녹아있는 분들이 있겠지.
My mum's email password has 0525 inside it. It's to the extend of being in your skin. The existence of SHINee is not only the 5 of us but it's the many people that has been with us in the past, now or in the future. Within these people who we cherish, there are also people who have already shaped their lives into our daily activities naturally right?
@realjonghyun90 자신만이 알고있는 비밀에 우리가 관련되다니 얼마나 고맙고 놀라운지...감사또 감사... 
In the secrets that only a person knows themselves, to find that we are associated to them is such a thankful surprise. I'm thankful and more thankful...  
Onew also Reweeted Jonghyun's tweet

source : @realjonghyun90
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