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[FANACCOUNT]130518 SHINee - MBC Music Core Recording

_Today , they recorded for only once but there are some parts that need to be re-recorded. Everyone was wearing a jacket and it was really warm so they just hanged it on their shoulders. Fan asked Taemin if he felt hot ? Taemin : 응 , (laughs). It is really warm.

_During the first recording , taemin had some difficulties reaching the high notes. Onew also didnt manage to hit his first note in the first line.

_Taemin 's hair is combed up today and wore a black headband. At the first recording , he didnt wear his leopard prints jacket.

_Today , the boys seemed to have been fooled by the PDs. During the official recording , everybody was just moving around on stage and PD went : Its starting . Thus , the 4 boys immediately went to do their starting pose. PD said to wait for a moment . But less than 2 seconds after they put down their hands , PD went : starting , then said wait for a while again. The boys were preparing to play around when the PD went starting again. In the end , even the PD smiled.

_Today taemin combed his hair up again ~ They posed thrice for the opening before it started. PD said to start then stop then start then stop. After it ended , 2min had this "We wnat to find the PD for revenge" feel ~ Minho tried to tease the fans by pretending to throw his jacket out.

_During the seond rehearsal and after posing for so long , the PD refused to start. Minho then started to play around with the fans at the standing area. He stretched his hands out like a zombie. When the PD shouted to start , he immediately started to pose again.

Credit : SHINee_渣画质独家囧, todou_taem
Trans : bling_saur

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