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[me2day]130209 Jonghyun me2day Update

[종현] 김첨지가 된 기분 ㅠㅠ… 그래도 SHINee 2013년 파이팅 Dream Girl! 잠시 후 어느멋진날 본방 사수!  
[Jonghyun] Feels like I've become Kim Chumji TTTT... Regardless, fighting to SHINee's 2013. Dream Girl! Wonderful Day will air in a moment!
(T/N: Kim Chumji is someone who worked hard but was in the wrong generation so he gained nothing.)

[Translation of 130209 Jonghyun's Line messages to OnKey2Min]
To Bum:-
10:14 Kibum ah
10:14 Having a good time?
10:15 It's New Year neh
10:15 Don't overeat a lot of good food, smelly Key will make a return ah
10:18 Reply me...

To Mino:-
10:15 Mino ah
10:15 Reached Incheon safely yet
10:16 Have a good holiday don't injure yourself while playing soccer
10:16 Oh, send my regards to your mom
10:16 Happy New Year 
10:20 You also reply me too ah...

To Taemin:-
10:17 Taemin ah
10:17 Have a good holiday
10:17 Wear your jacket
10:21 Reply me...

To Ma Jingki:-
10:27 Jinki-san
10:27 Happy New Year
10:27 Be careful don't get hurt
10:27 Okay but to get hurt everyday is really
10:30 Reply me mah...Honorable leader...

Group chat to OnKey2Min:-
10:28 Members ah..
10:28 Reply me...
10:28 I say Happy New Year
10:29 Why didn't receive?
10:29 I send well-wishes first and it's like this

Credits: SHINeeing, trans: eimanjjong 
 Source : shinee's me2day

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