Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

[me2day]130219 SHINee - me2day Update

여러분~ 'Dream Girl' iTunes에서도 함께 들어요~
Everyone~ Let's listen to 'Dream Girl' together on iTunes~

Key me2day Update
[Key] 태국에서 찍은 사진으로 이 추운 겨울에 따뜻함 살짜쿵 전할게요 :-) 이제 곧 컴백인데 쇼케이스 보러 오시려고 고생하신 여러분과 티져에 많은 반응 보여주신 팬여러분 또 모두 너무 감사해요 곧만나요
[Key] I'll send you a tiny bit of warmth during this cold weather with a picture I took in Thailand. :-) Our comeback is soon. To all those who are going through the trouble to watch our showcase and to all the fans who are giving a lot of response back from the teaser, thank you very much. Let's meet soon.

Translated by : kimchi hana@SFI

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