Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

[NEWS]SHINee releases the short version PV for seventh Japanese single "Fire"

The last two days have proven to be an incredibly busy time for SHINee and SHINee World! Not only was their long-awaited third full length Korean album, "Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You", and the accompanying music video and dance music video released, but also the short version of the PV for SHINee's latest Japanese single.

SHINee's 7th Japanese single, "Fire", is a ballad powered by the fires of love and kindness, as can be seen by the symbolism of candles throughout the video. The members of SHINee are shown lighting the candles of what one could assume are complete strangers: a young woman looking lonely, a little girl, an old man, and a grandmother. These individuals in turn pass on the love, lighting the candles of others.

SHINee is later shown wearing shades of white and light grey and standing in what looks like an old abandoned temple, surrounded by hundreds of these candles, of all different shapes, sizes, and colours. It can be reasonably assumed that the variation in the appearances of the candles serves to show that love comes in all different colours, shapes, and sizes, but always flames bright in the hearts of others.

Fire PV (Short Ver.)

What do you guys think? Who's looking forward to the full version?

Source: EMIMusicJapan
Written by: Midnight_Madness @ shineee.net 

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