Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

[NEWS]SHINee unveils Dream Girl music video and dance version music video

Today has been an eventful day for SHINee and SHINee World! SHINee's official Dream Girl album, music video, and dance version music video were all released within a time frame of 7 hours.

The Dream Girl music video features the members of SHINee doing unique tricks with the infamous mic stands that are noted to be the highlight of their new dance routine. The music video for Dream Girl is just as funky as the song, full of color and modern flair.

Viewers are given a chance to absorb the entire dance routine of Dream Girl with the dance version of the video, as both videos were released at the same time. Choreographed by Tony Testa who previously worked with SHINee for Sherlock, the dance shows off all-new moves and incorporates subtle references to SHINee's past choreography.

Dream Girl MV (Dance Version)

Source: SMTOWN
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