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[TRANS]130314 SHINee on KBS Cool FM "Yoo In Na's Volume Up"

Jonghyun was asked to be featured in Zhang Liyin's "Wrongly Given Love" when he was just a 6-month trainee. Jonghyun said that even though that was a good opportunity but he cried for so long after the recording because he thought that he did not do a good job for it. Key said that Jonghyun practiced for so long..that even the entire group knows how to sing that song too.. Even though everybody have no idea what it means but everyone started to sing the song "Wrongly Given Love".

Key says that there are many fans and outsiders at the airport who will be observing their fashion hence he will put in a lot of effort on their fashion style. DJ Yoo In Na "So if you style up so deliberately, wouldn't it be uncomfortable?" Key answered yes, hence they will change out of their outfits on the plane. Onew said that he does not pay much attention (on his airport fashion).

Jonghyun said that there was a funny incident - 5 of them was being photographed (by a reporter) at the airport.. however Onew was being mosaic-ed.. Onew said that he was being mistaken as a manager so he was being mosaic-ed (by the journalist).

They revealed that because they are too noisy when they travel from place to place for schedules, their coordinator noonas and other staff feedbacked that they do not want to sit when them in the same van anymore. They will talk non-stop when they are on a 3 hour road trip.

Kor-Chi Translation: YOYOYUAN要改成大写
Chi-Eng Translation: thpapergangster

SHINee's sweet white day messages :
DJ Yoo In Na "It's White Day today, did all of you come here empty-handed?"
Jonghyun said that they came here empty handed and Key added that they are so busy that they do not have time to eat.
DJ "Ah, it's alright, so have you all eaten?"
All of them said that they have not eaten a proper meal yet; they ate some rice cake. Hence in place of candies, the 5 of them sent sweet messages to the fans
Minho "Dear, please accept my candy"
Onew said it in English
Key "Dear, there isn't White Day in America, let's have a meal instead of candy"
Jonghyun "Dear, don't ask for candy, (I'll) replace it with BOBO :*"
Taemin "Dear, I am too busy so I did not buy any candy for you, I will treat you a lot of delicious food."

Talking about trainee days - Key praised Taemin that he is even more like a baby now than when he was in trainee days. Taemin happily expressed "Please praise me more like this~"

Jonghyun was a trainee for 6 months before he debuted. He revealed that he frequently cried because he thought that he did not do a good job singing, but when he listens to them again, he feels that his singing back then was not too bad. Minho said that because Jonghyun was practising for "Wrongly Given Love", all the other members know how to sing it too - hence all of them sang 2 lines of it.

Which was the toughest dance? Taemin said it was 'Replay'. He was really hard-working then but made many mistakes; it was rather tough/tiring/strenuous then.

DJ Yoo In Na asked how do they feel when people crtique their songs. Jonghyun says that their "Noona Neomu Yeppeo" album seems to suit the general audience taste better. After that (album), they have been working hard to find SHINee's unique music style. Key said that he is very happy and satisfied. Jonghyun says that they are currently striving to make popular music as well as finding their own style.

DJ asked Key about his grandmother's age. Key says that he really does not know his grandmother's actual age. Key's grandmother loves "Replay" and said that the other songs are too difficult. His grandmother still loves Son Dambi's "Saturday Night" and reflected that it would be great if SHINee is able to have a song like that.

Regarding their fashion :
Onew says that Key will prepare his outfit in advance. Jonghyun says that probably due to the mosaic-ed experience Onew encountered, he started to pay more attention to his fashion as well. Onew says he likes comfortable outfit. Jonghyun interrupted saying "It's College Oppa Style". Minho says that he likes one of Onew's winter coat the most.

Onew says that once Taemin falls in love with a certain piece of clothing, he will keep on wearing it. Taemin says his clothings must have pockets, so that he is able to keep his handphone, wallet etc. Minho says that it is the same for Jonghyun's case as well; Jonghyun said that he lost his wallet. Taemin says that once he was sharing a room with Onew when they were in overseas and he suddenly lost his wallet.

Jonghyun says that Onew used to keep carrying this particular bag and gradually the smell of the leather became very strong. Onew said that even after he threw away that bag, he still misses it and thinks about it a lot for a long time.

An audience requested for Onew's Bread Song and Onew sang it once. Jonghyun persuaded Onew to quickly register for copyrights and Key said that he will fight to register it first XD

Random chat session - "We are very noisy in the van, if we travel somewhere for public performance, staff will complain 'They are so noisy, can't sit with them in the same van.'. We are able to talk up to 3 hours, then sleep for a while and continue talking."

Minho wants to gather the other members to stay up to watch soccer with him. If everyone likes to watch soccer matches, it will be a quite a problem if they order fried chicken with beer.

(cont'd) Minho protested saying "What's so bad about watching soccer, if only everyone watches it with me....." Before he could finish up his sentence, Key interrupted "Just forget it."

Minho "Why! I don't even disturb all of you when I watch soccer at night" Onew immediately replied "You disturbed me!" XD

Regarding the age they are anticipating the most.
Taemin - 25 years old. He feels that it is the age that one that is like a flower (s/n : Blossom like a flower?) Onew immediately added "Really, it isn't like that.."
Jonghyun - 35 years old. He will be married then.
Minho "What if you are jobless then?"
Jonghyun "How can I be hobo/vagrant! I have to get married!"
Taemin "With who?"
Jonghyun "A woman"
Onew is surprised XD
Minho - 30 years old.
Onew - He anticipates each coming year.

Minho "I hope (Onew) hyung will not drink by himself next year anymore". Minho talked about how he returned back to the dorm the following day and asked Onew "Hyung, what did you do yesterday?" Onew said it very slowly "I went to drink". Minho "With who?" Onew replied slowly "Myself." Minho was speechless..

Kor-Chi Translation: tsconditional
Chi-Eng Translation: thpapergangster

YIN: "you guys are really handsome"
shinee's white day message: minho--jakiya, take my candy~; onew--baby, this is for u, I'm thankful for ur presence
key--jakiya, there's no white day in the u.s., can we follow american style?
jjong--jakiya, i have no candy, but take my ppoppo (kiss)
taem--jakiya, I couldn't prepare candies cuz i was too busy, but i'll buy you something delicious later
YIN: "shinee is known to have been on an elite course"
talking about girls girls girls  and hyungs' advice to taem
key's grandma wants shinee to do a song like Replay again
key's new worry: there is no more new hairstyle he can try xDD
talking abt their airport fashion: the incident onew was blurred in an news photo cuz he was wearing really comfy casual clothes
minho: i like dandy look, onew: he'll become a good daddy xD
taem: I'm hybrid style
once taem falls for something, he wears it everyday n everytime (we know it
onew is singing bread song now
talking abt beard: key--(to mino) don't grow beard i won't see u xD
onew is looking forward to next year cuz he wants to see where shinee will be next year
minho wants onew not to drink alcohol by himself
key is looking forward to shinee's 10th anniversary
talking abt the DJ's age: she saying I don't look young, I'm just too old, taem--40? xDD
btw, the DJ is 31 -,-

Translated by: juju_home

jjong is only a 6 months trainee but got ft in <wrong given love> After recording he cried for v long thinking he didnt do well
Key said Jjong practiced very hard for that song that all the members know the lyrics. So the 4 of them sang a short part live
DJ asked why SHINee came empty handed on white day! SHINee said they don't have candy as they're busy. They haven't had their dinner T.T
SHINee said they didn't have proper meal yet, only ate dokbokki!
then the DJ asked SHINee to send sweet message for the fans in place of candies
Minho: "jagiya, please accept my candy" Onew: (said in eng) Key: "there is no white day in america, lets have a meal instead of candy? Taem: "jagiya, I'm too busy to buy candies, but I'll treat you something nice" Jjong: "don't eat candies. Replace with bobo"
DJ asked Key if he feel uncomfortable wearing nice clothes just to look good. Key said yes and sometimes he'll change in the plane.
Key praised Taemin saying he is like a baby last time. Then Taemin said "you need to praise me like this more often"
Key then said Taemin is very good bc during his audition only 2 out of everybody got selected. The other girl didnt get to debut, no news.
asked which choreography from debut till now is the most difficult. Taemin said Replay bc it is tough and he made mistakes a lot.
Jjong got reminded of a time when all of them got photographed at the airport for their fashion but Onew was missed out.
Onew said that's bc he wore like a manager/staff/anybody on the street
SHINee said when transiting from one schedule to another, all 5 of them will talk non stop, the staffs complain they're too noisy and refuse to take the same car as them the next time
DJ asked which age do you most anticipate yourself to be?
Jjong said 35 bc he'll be married. Taem: to who? Jjong: female Onew: wow so surprising!
DJ commented Key doesn't look like he will have moustache bc he's so fair Members: you're wrong DJ: then what colour is his moustache?
THEN KEY LAUGHED LIKE A CROW?????? And the DJ asked him why he laughs like that
Key doesn't know his grandma's age.............
Key's grandma only like Replay and said the rest of SHINee's songs are sucky
Onew said he love wearing comfortable clothes but it looks plain so he's always mosaic-ed by reporters LOL
Taemin said once he stayed in the same room as Onew and Onew accidentally threw his wallet away? LOL WHAT
Taemin said he love clothes with a lot of pockets so he can put his phone/wallet etc in it
Onew sang the toast bread song again!! DJ ask him to register the song quickly. Key then say he must register before Onew LOL
Minho said he wish Jinki won't drink alone again.........
He say sometimes he see Onew and he'll ask where did you go. Onew: drinking Minho: with who? Onew: alone Then minho will feel sad too
Minho always hope the members will stay up and watch soccer with him. If only they like it, then they can eat fried chicken with beer tgt.
Minho mentioned soccer then Key was like "drop this!" Minho: I watch soccer it doesn't affect you guys Onew: YOU AFFECTED ME!
Key say he is looking forward to SHINee's 10th anniversary!!!!!!!!!
Then Onew say he'll be 30 by then. Jjong butt in and said "half of 60 years old"
OT5 photo with the DJ. the female DJ is very pretty OMG!! Jongkey couple peace sign. Taem thumbs up. OnHo lying on each other

Translated by: keykrisyeol

Compiled by joAnnwashere @ shineee.net 

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