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[TRANS]Key and Minho's "TALK 2 YOU Vol.5" Interview in JILLE Magazine, April 2013

CARDIGAN - Cardigan STYLE that fits perfectly as coats for spring!
It's the Key & Minho pair for the 5th volume of the series! They tried and swapped each others cardigans during the photoshoot. In addition, the conversation of these same-age buddies should not be missed ♪

Having a large collection of clothes helps to train in styling them well
Key: Speaking of March, it's White Day, isn't it? Valentines is well-celebrated in various countries so there are a few "Valentine Editions" for clothes and accessories available, but there's nothing special for White Day.
Minho: Indeed. Like me, even though I have memories of Valentines Day, the only thing I can recall about White Day is giving something back to my mother.
Key: By the way, what is your memory of Valentines?
Minho: When I was in junior high, Valentines Day fell on the same day as my exam. Then, there was this girl one year younger than me who greeted me, "Please do your best in the exam," and gave me a chocolate.
Key: So why didn't you give her anything in return?
Minho: Because I didn't know who she was.
Key: Ah... so that's why. What a pity.
Minho: So let's get into the topic... The cardigans we wore today fit both of us well, right?
Key: Usually I just wear dull colors like black or white for cardigans, so when I tried on the blue one I came to think that ones with bright colors are good too. The seasons where we wear cardigans are not typically the seasons where we wear very many colors, right? They are more like practical items when it's cold so I don't choose those with colors that much. Since the style itself is simple too, I would pay more attention to the shirts or T-shirts that I wear inside.
Minho: Well... I don't give much thought about cardigan styles (laughs). Since cardigans are worn underneath coats, I just pay attention to points like making sure that it doesn't stick out of the coat.
Key: It's also quite fun how we swapped our cardigans during the photoshoot. Just when I was about to wonder how you could pull off wearing the same cardigan that I wore, you slipped it over your shoulders and looked good.
Minho: I just took what you always do as reference. Wearing various kinds of outerwear would make you good at styling your clothes for sure. I think the more clothes we have, the more experience we gather in being able to style those clothes.
Key: We usually get a lot of chances to wear various kinds of clothing but I heard those who aren't like us would take around 10 years to establish their own styles. So I'm saying that it's okay even if you're just trying them on, as it probably will be easier for you to find your own style by wearing a lot of clothes.

We are more like evil friends rather than same-age buddies (laugh)
Key: We first met around 7~8 years ago, right?
Minho: We were still in junior high back then. The first thing I noticed of you was your hairstyle. Your hair was long at the side, right? That time I already knew that we're of the same age, but my school had strict rules so I couldn't let my hair grow long. Even your current hairstyle wouldn't be allowed according to my school rules, yet your hair was much longer then, so I wondered whether your school was more lenient about hairstyles. Just like what a junior high student would think, isn't it?
Key: You were very dark, quite tan compared to now. I was thinking that you're someone who likes sports, totally opposite of me. I was more of a cultural student who would do things like listening to music.
Minho: Even though we're of opposite personalities, we came to know more about each other inside and out.
Key: At first, we had only just a little chance to see each other so we were awkward when we met. We didn't know much about each other too, but gradually became closer after we debuted. Then we were able to be mischievous and joke around a bit. And even though we're of total opposites, we found a thing that we share in common, that is, we both love to eat.
Minho: We have similar taste in food, right? Even having the same favorite restaurant.
Key: I guess we can say that our relationship is natural enough that we couldn't even remember what we ever talked about.
Minho: Yeah. We're of the same age, after all.
Key: The only ones among our members. Like someone in class that's close enough for you to feel comfortable to talk to freely.
Minho: But for me, you're an existence that would put pressure on me.
Key: Huh?! What do you mean?
Minho: Like, you would make me do something, or tell me to go and buy something for you. But you would do nothing in return. Got what I mean?
Key: Huh?! (Anxious). B...but, when I am eating outside I would call for you, yet you never called for me, right? If you called me I would have treated you to something.
Minho: That's a lie (laughs)... To sum it up, we are more like evil friends rather than same-age buddies, right?
Key: Don't sum it up like that!
Minho: Well.. (laughs). It's because we're close that we can joke around like this.
Key: That's right. If I'm really a pressure to you, then you surely couldn't actually say I put pressure on you at this place, right?
Minho: The pressure part is true though.
Key: Eh!!
Minho: Sorry. I was joking (laughs).

SHINee's 1 question and 1 answer!!
What would you give in return to girls for White Day?
Onew: Baekseolgi (White steamed rice cake)
Jonghyun: I'll give myself as present (laughs)
Key: I wouldn't wait until White Day and give her a fashion item that's limited to Valentine Day.
Minho: Instead of just simply giving out the candies, I would give them together in some sort of surprise.
Taemin: Candies. Of various flavors.

Source: Jille Magazine
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

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