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[TRANS]Onew and Taemin's "TALK 2 YOU Vol.1" Interview in JILLE Magazine, December 2012

KNIT - Wearing knitwear which is the talk of the season in a chic style
The popular 5 member group, SHINee is known for their skillful singing and performance. They're also known as fashion icons and now will appear in every issue of JILLE for a short period. In each volume, two of the members will talk about various topics including their thoughts towards each other and fashion. Onew and Taemin took the honor to appear in the first volume.

Let's put in more effort to talk to each other from now on
Taemin: It's been 6 years since we first met, hasn't it?
Onew: Taemin was just a kid then. You were wearing a school uniform and your hair was just like how a student's should be. You really gave off such a gentle aura. I thought you were cute then.
Taemin: It's different now, isn't it?
Onew: Yeah. You're different now. Not only are you cute, you have become manly now.
Taemin: (Victory pose) Usually, people who meet me for the first time say that I'm cute or that I seem easy to get along with since I smile a lot. I'm not supposed to say this myself, but I think usually they're of good impressions.
Onew: I've been told that I look cold though...
Taemin: I think in your case, you leave different impressions in different situations. There are two sides to you after all. Your serious face leaves a strong impression. When you smile, the impression is completely different. The one who said that you look cold probably saw you when you weren't smiling. Among the five of us, I think Jonghyun, Key, and you are those who might leave strong impressions.
Onew: I see. It's probably like that.
Taemin: We're being the complete opposite lately, aren't we? I'm the youngest and overflowing with energy but you're already getting old and there's not much time left... Joking! (laugh) Sorry, I was kidding. We both play important roles in the group, don't we? I just have to follow leader Onew and do my part as the maknae. I think then the other members will lead me well too.
Onew: It'd be great if it were like that (laugh). In SHINee, everyone knows their role very well so we're all doing just fine. In your case, I can feel it from the way you think or talk that the words you chose reflect your maturity. I even think that there's a lot to learn from you.
Taemin: Really? (Straighten up)
Onew: Yeah. I think we both play the role of the listener, don't we? Even before our debut, we would listen to everyone's words. But with the increase in activities, we've become busier and our chances to consult each other have decreased. That's quite a shame.
Taemin: I think it's the same within a family. When we're together for too long. we somehow don't talk to each other that much anymore. I think it's probably because we've been around each other too much that we tend to talk less.
Onew: That's why I've been thinking that we should put more effort to talk with each other from now on.
Taemin: That's right. So there's something I'd like to share with you right away. Will you listen to me? Recently, there are so many things that I'd like to learn. I'd like to learn about composing songs and I really want to improve musically. I want to do sports too. Lately, I've been into soccer. Do you have anything that you want to do at the moment?
Onew: Let's see. I want to be on the stage. If it's possible, I'd like to try being an MC or a DJ!

Be careful of the velcro strap when wearing knitwear! (laugh)
Onew: We wore knitwear for today's photoshoot. I actually like knitted tops. People say that I look good in it too. If we think about it practically, you get warmer when you wear knitted clothes. That's why when winter comes, I feel like wearing knitwear right away.
Taemin: You definitely have the image of wearing knitted clothes and I think it does suit you. I really like the one I wore for this photoshoot that I feel like getting one for myself. I am the type who keeps wearing the same clothes if I am really fond of it. I think that's why there was a time I became attached to knitted clothing.
Onew: You have the tendency to be like that after all. Knitwear gets caught onto other things so you don't feel like matching it with sneakers with velcro straps, right?
Taemin: Huh, but it's a top, It won't get stuck with shoes though?
Onew: No, it can get stuck, you know! So be careful of shoes with velcro straps as well after this (laugh). So what kind of caution do you take when you wear knitwear?
Taemin: Choosing the one that fits my body size rather than a loose one, I guess.
Onew: I see.
Taemin: As for girls, they look cute in one piece knits, don't they? The one that you can barely see their collar bone in.
Onew: Yeah, I like that too!
Taemin: I like it when girls wear a one piece, even if it's not a knitted one. Like, a white dress with flamboyant patterns printed on it. Don't you think girls who can wear that kind of dress well and pull it off actually look quite feminine?
Onew: I know! So to all JILLE's readers, I'd like you to have fun trying to match not only one piece dresses, but other kinds of knitwear as well for winter fashion.

SHINee's 1 question and 1 answer!!
Who is the most romantic member?
Onew: Key
Jonghyun: Me (laugh)
Key: Me (laugh)
Minho: Jonghyun
Taemin: Key

Source: Jille Magazine
Translated by: red @ shineee.net

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